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Thursday, June 13, 2024




Online Corpus of the Inscriptions of Ancient North Arabia

KRC Research Archive

The OCIANA Project was an AHRC-funded research project that was based at The Khalili Research Centre and was active from October 2013 to June 2017. Note that this website is no longer updated, but all of the project outputs are available here and at the Bodleian Library, Oxford.

The following members of staff are working on the OCIANA Project:

Michael C.A. Macdonald (Academic Director)

Professor Jeremy Johns (Administrative Director)

Dr Ali Al-Manaser (Researcher)

Dr Maria del Carmen Hidalgo-Chacón Diez (Researcher)

Daniel Burt (Technical Lead)

Jennifer Brooke Lockie (Digital Curator)

Dr Ahmad Al Jallad, University of Leiden (Research Associate)

Photograph of a pre-Islamic rock carving
Photograph of a pre-Islamic rock carving

OCIANA Preliminary Editions

The following pdf files contain preliminary editions of the corpora that are contained within OCIANA, and are available here as free downloads for use by researchers. Each pdf contains details of all of the inscriptions within that script family, along with their textual content and translations, commentaries, and provenance information.

Dadanitic Corpus
(858 pages, 8.3MB)

Hismaic Corpus
(1,316 pages, 9.1MB)

Safaitic Corpus
(10,105 pages, 79.8MB)

Taymanitic Corpus
(224 pages, 2.1MB)

Smaller Collections
(104 pages, 1.4MB)

Right-click on the pdf title and choose 'Save as' to download each file.