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This page will be used to provide access to documentation about the OCIANA project, downloadable articles by project team members, and so on.

A.J. Drewes, T.F.G. Higham, M.C.A. Macdonald, and C. Bronk Ramsey Some absolute dates for the development of the South Arabian miniscule script

G.M.H. King Early North Arabian Hismaic - a preliminary description based on a new corpus of inscriptions from the Ḥismā desert of southern Jordan and published material

M.C.A. Macdonald The Abiel coins of Eastern Arabia - A Study of the Aramaic legends [Plates]

M.C.A. Macdonald & N. Nebes Ancient Arabia: a Brief History and Timeline

M.C.A. Macdonald Ancient Arabia and the written word

M.C.A. Macdonald Ancient North Arabian

M.C.A. Macdonald Arabians, Arabias, and the Greeks - Contact and Perceptions

M.C.A. Macdonald Arabs, Arabias, and Arabic before Late Antiquity

M.C.A. Macdonald ARNA Nab 17 and the transition from the Nabataean to the Arabic script

M.C.A. Macdonald Burial between the desert and the sown Cave-tombs and inscriptions near Dayr al-Kahf in Jordan

M.C.A. Macdonald Camel hunting or camel raiding

M.C.A. Macdonald The decline of the epigraphic habit in late antique Arabia - some questions

M.C.A. Macdonald Goddesses, dancing girls or cheerleaders? Perceptions of the divine and the female form in the rock art of pre-Islamic North Arabia

M.C.A. Macdonald Inscriptions, Rock Drawings, and wusūm from the Ayl to Ras an-Naqab Archaeological Survey

M.C.A. Macdonald Languages, scripts, and the uses of writing among the Nabataeans

M.C.A. Macdonald Literacy in Oral Environment

M.C.A. Macdonald Of rock art, desert kites and meṣāyid

M.C.A. Macdonald Old Arabic. Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics

M.C.A. Macdonald The Old Arabic graffito at Jabal Usays_A new reading of line 1

M.C.A. Macdonald The Phoenix of Phoinikēia - Alphabetic Reincarnation in Arabia

M.C.A. Macdonald On Saracens, the Rawwāfah Inscription and the Roman Army

M.C.A. Macdonald Reflections on the Linguistic map of pre-Islamic Arabia

M.C.A. Macdonald Safaitic - Encyclopaedia of Islam

M.C.A. Macdonald Some Reflections on Epigraphy and Ethnicity in the Roman Near East

M.C.A. Macdonald Transformation and continuity at al-Namāra - Camps settlements forts and tombs

M.C.A. Macdonald Wheeled vehicles in the rock art of Arabia

M.C.A. Macdonald Wheels in a land of camels - another look at the chariot in Arabia

M.C.A. Macdonald & N. Nebes Arabien

N.N. Lewis & M.C.A. Macdonald W.J.Bankes and the identification of the Nabataean script

B. Jacobs & M.C.A. Macdonald Felszeichnung eines Reiters aus der Umgebung von Tayma

M. Al-Najem & M.C.A. Macdonald A new Nabataean inscription from Tayma

M.C.A. Macdonald Addenda to some previous articles

Laila Nehme A glimpse of the development of the Nabataean script into Arabic based on old and new epigraphic material



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