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The OCIANA is extremely grateful to the following who have generously allowed us to use their photographs of both published and unpublished inscriptions in this Corpus.

Note In OCIANA, each previously unpublished inscription is given a siglum which records its provenance and the name of the person who contributed the photograph.


  • Dr Mohammed I. Ababneh
  • Professor Dr Sabri Abbadi
  • Professor Dr Husayn Abū ʾl-Ḥasan
  • Dr Madllah Alhishan
  • Muhamet Alijaj
  • Ghazi Alloulo
  • Dr Nabil T. Wadee Bader
  • Professor Dr Alison Betts
  • Professor Dr Frank Braemer
  • Dr Gertrude Neumann-Denzau
  • Dr Helmut Denzau 
  • Professor Dr Solaiman Al-Dhuyayb (Al-Theeb)
  • Professor Dr Ricardo Eichmann
  • Dr Khalid Al-Eskoubi
  • Professor Dr Maḥmūd Al-Ghūl†
  • Ali Atalh Al-Hajj
  • Dr Rāfiʿ Al-Ḥaraḥsheh
  • Gerald Lankester Harding†
  • Professor Dr Hani Hayajneh
  • Professor Dr Robert Hoyland
  • Dr Abdulqader Al-Husan
  • Professor Dr Frédéric Imbert
  • Dr Ahmad Al-Jallad
  • Dr Khalid Al-Jubor
  • Professor Dr David Kennedy
  • Dr Lamia Salem El-Khouri
  • Dr Geraldine M.H. King†
  • William and Fidelity Lancaster
  • Dr Ahmad Lash
  • Professor Dr Sultan Maani
  • Professor Dr Burton MacDonald
  • Michael C.A. Macdonald
  • Dr ʿAlī Al-Manaser
  • Mme Muna Al-Muʾazzin
  • Amnon Nahmias
  • Dr Muḥammad Al-Najem
  • Dr Laïla Nehmé
  • Peter J. Parr
  • Dr Hussein Al-Qudrah
  • Dr Schirin Rawan
  • Professor Dr William L. Reed†
  • Professor Dr Christian Julien Robin
  • Ibrahim S. Sadaqah
  • Professor Dr Maurice Sartre
  • Professor Dr Said Al-Saʿīd
  • Dr Fiorella Scagliarini
  • Ann Searight
  • Professor Dr Younis Shdaifat
  • Dr Alexander Sima†
  • Professor Dr Peter Stein
  • Professor Dr Altheim Stiehl
  • Dr Zaid Ṭalāfḥah
  • Professor Dr François Villeneuve
  • Professor Dr Rainer Voigt
  • Professor Dr F.V. Winnett†
  • Dr Jean-Baptiste Yon
  • Hussein Zeinaddin
  • Professor Dr Mahdi Al-Zoubi



We are most grateful to the following Institutions which have kindly allowed us to photograph inscriptions in their collections or have provided us with their own photographs.

  • The Antiquities Museum, King Saud University, Riyadh
  • The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
  • The British Museum, London
  • The Department of Antiquities of Jordan
  • The Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
  • The Jordan Museum, Amman
  • The Jordan University Museum, Amman
  • The Kerak Museum, Jordan
  • The Mafraq Museum, Jordan
  • Le Musée du Louvre, Paris
  • The National Museum, Damascus
  • The National Museum, Riyadh
  • The Palmyra Museum, Syria
  • The Princeton University Art Museum, New Jersey
  • The Rockefeller Museum, Jerusalem
  • The Suweidah Museum, Syria
  • The Yarmouk University Museum, Irbid, Jordan

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