gizemtongoGizem Tongo

Barakat Postdoctoral Scholar

D.Phil - Ottoman Painting and Painters during the First World War

Supervisor: Dr. Laurent Mignon

College Affiliation: St John's College

Postal Address: The Khalili Research Centre, 3 St John Street, Oxford OX1 2LG, U.K.



•D. Phil. University of Oxford, St John's College, Oriental Studies, 2018

•M.A. Boğaziçi University, History of Art and Architecture, 2012

•M.A. University of Manchester, Post-1900 Literatures, Theories and Cultures, 2007

•B.A. Boğaziçi University, Philosophy, 2006

Research Interests

• Late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century visual culture of the Ottoman Empire; European Avant-Garde art; Cultural history of the First World War; Post-First World War memory and commemoration; feminist art history and women artists.

Selected Awards, Fellowships, and Grants

• University of Oxford, Barakat Postdoctoral Fellowship [October 2017-June 2018]

• Bourse Gerda Henkel du Centre International de Recherche de l'Historial de la Grande Guerre [November 2016]

• University of Oxford, Lord Dulverton Scholarship [2013-2016]

• Orient-Institut Istanbul, Doctoral Fellowship [September 2015-March 2016]

• British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES)/ Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah Award [June 2014]

• Hrant Dink Foundation, Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant [May 2014]

Selected Publications

"An Ambivalent Patriot: Namık İsmail, the First World War, and the Politics of Remembrance in Turkey", in Painting, Memory, and the Great War, edited by Margaret Hutchinson and Steven Trout (Alabama: The University of Alabama Press) [forthcoming].

"'Civilisation and Competence': Displaying Ottoman War Paintings to Their Allies" in The Great War in the Middle East: A Clash of  Empires, edited by Rob Johnson and James Kitchen (London; New York: Routledge) [forthcoming].

"Eleni Iliadis: An Ottoman Greek Woman Painter in End-of-Empire Istanbul", CLIO. Femmes, Genre, Histoire [forthcoming].

• "Between Memory and History: Remembering Johnnies, Mehmets, and the Armenians", co-authored with Jenny Macleod, in Beyond Gallipoli: New Perspectives on Anzac, edited by Raelene Frances and Bruce Scates (Melbourne: Monash University Publishing, 2016), 21-34.

"Tarih ve Hafıza Arasında: Geç Osmanlı Dönemi Istanbul'unda Bir Ressam; Eleni Iliadis",Toplumsal Tarih, August (2016): 57-63.

 "Artist and Revolutionary: Panos Terlemezian as an Ottoman Armenian Painter", Études arméniennes contemporaines, no. 6, December (2015): 111-153.

"Yusuf Atılgan" in Dictionary of Literary Biography: Modern Turkish Novelists, edited by Çimen Günay-Erkol and Burcu Alkan (Columbia: Bruccoli Clark Layman, 2913), 60-68.

"Interview with Professor Donald Preziosi" co-authored with Nilay Özlü, Tarih: Graduate History Journal, Issue:2 (2010): 34-47.

• "Interview with Professor Gülru Necipoğlu: Ottoman Architecture and the Representation of Identity," Tarih: Graduate History Journal, Issue:1 (2009): 5-28.

• Translation: Süleyman Berk's "Mustafa Rakım Efendi's Architectural Calligraphy" (from Turkish to English), published in Calligraphy in Islamic Architecture: Space, Form, and Function, edited by Mohammad Gharipour and Irvin Cemil Schick (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2013), 306-325.

Translation: (co-translated with Yan Overfield Shaw) Murat Sülün's "Qur'anic Verses on Works of Architecture: The Ottoman Case" (from Turkish to English), published in Calligraphy in Islamic Architecture: Space, Form, and Function, edited by Mohammad Gharipour and Irvin Cemil Schick (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2013), 159-177.

• Review: "Wendy Shaw's Ottoman Painting: Reflections of Western Art from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic," Tarih: Graduate Journal of the History Department, Issue:3 (2013): 88-91.

• Review: "Janet Wolff's The Aesthetics of Uncertainty," Interactions: Ege Journal of British and American Studies, Vol. 18.2, (Fall 2009): 165-167.

Selected Conference Presentations

Invited Talk: "Portraits from the Empire: Orientalism", Antalya Culture and Arts, Antalya, Turkey, March 25, 2017.

Panel Chair: "The (Re)Presentation of Women in the Ottoman Empire and Early Turkish Republic", VII Congress of the Italian Society of Women Historians (SIS), Pisa, Italy, February 2-4, 2017.

Invited Talk: "Painting the War: Ottoman Art and the Great War," The Great War in the Middle East, 1911-1923 Conference, organised by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and the University of Oxford, UK, April 20-22, 2016.

Invited Talk: "Panos Terlemezian (1865-1941)," Toward Inclusive Art Histories: Ottoman Armenian Voices Speak Back, Birkbeck College, UK, April 26, 2016.

Invited Talk: "Picturing the Enemy: The Representation of the 'Other Side' in Ottoman and Turkish Gallipoli Paintings," The Museum of History of Science, University of Oxford, UK, July 28, 2015.

• Invited Talk: "The Aesthetics of the Unknown Soldier: Gallipoli Paintings in the Ottoman Empire and early Turkish Republic," Gallipoli/Gelibolu Conference, organised by the University of Sydney & The Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, Australia, May 22, 2015.

• Invited Talk: "The Poetics and Politics of Ottoman Painting during the First World War," World War I and the Aesthetics of Empire Conference, organised by Brandeis University, Mendel Center for the Humanities, MA, United States, April 25, 2015.

• Invited Talk: "Painting, Artistic Patronage and Criticism in the Public Sphere: A Study of the Ottoman Society of Painters, 1909-1918", Foundation for Arts and Sciences (Bilim ve Sanat Vakfı), Istanbul, Turkey, December 10, 2013.

• Invited Talk: "Osmanlı'da Bir 'Milli Ressam' Tahayyülü: Kültürel ve Toplumsal Değişimler Işığında Hoca Ali Rıza ve 'Göksu Manzarası' Üzerine" ("The Imagination of an Ottoman 'National Painter': Hoca Ali Rıza's 'Göksu Landscape' and Cultural and Social Transformations), Museum Talk Series at the Istanbul Musem of Modern Art, Istanbul, Turkey, August 30, 2012.

• Conference Presentation: "The Ottoman Society of Painters during the First World War," at the International Conference: Not All Quiet on the Ottoman Fronts; Neglected Perspectives on a Global War (1914-1918), Istanbul, April 2014.

• Conference Presentation: "In Search of a New Past: Representation of the Tulip Period in a Late Ottoman Film Binnaz (1919)" presented at the 26th Middle East History and Theory (MEHAT) Conference , University of Chicago, U.S., May 2011.

Courses Taught

• Lecturer/ Tutor, "The Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey, 1807-1980: Cultural Transformations,"  Department of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, 2018.

• Substitute Lecturer, "Constantinople: The Formation of An Imperial Capital", "Court Styles in Ottoman Decorative Arts and the Arts of the Book," University of Oxford, The Khalili Research Centre, 2015.

• Teaching Assistant, "The Making of the Modern World" (HIST 105, HIST 106), Boğaziçi University, 2010-2011.

• Teaching Assistant, "Art Scene and Cultural Analysis" (CAM 201), Istanbul Bilgi University, 2009-2010.

• "Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics" (monthly seminars), Eskişehir Osmangazi University, 2007-2008

Museum Experience

• Museum Guide, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art; research on the collection of Ottoman and Turkish painting [2004]

Professional Activities:

• Founding Editor of Tarih: Graduate History Journal of Boğaziçi University, since 2009.

• Research Assistant of Dr. Jenny Macleod, "Turkey and 18th March" in Jenny Macleod,Gallipoli (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015).

• Project Assistant of Calligraphy in Islamic Architecture: Space, Form, and Function, edited by Mohammad Gharipour and Irvin Cemil Schick (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2013).