The KRC hosts and supports the work of doctoral and masters students in Oriental Studies, studying a wide range of different aspects of Islamic art and material culture. The KRC also acts as the hub for undergraduate teaching of Islamic art and archaeology throughout the University, not just in the Faculty of Oriental Studies but also to students in Archaeology and Anthropology, Byzantine Studies, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, European Archaeology, History, History of Art, and World Archaeology.

Current Graduate Students 

Ifigeneia Georgala
D.Phil. 2013—: Early Islamic textiles in the Benaki Museum.
Supervisor: Professor Johns

Udayan Daniel Ghose
M.St 2016–2017
D.Phil. 2017–
Supervisor: Professor Johns

Manuel Giardino
M.Phil. in Islamic Art and Archaeology 2016–
Supervisor: Professor Johns

Gunseli Gürel
M.St 2015–16
DPhil. 2016–
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Yürekli-Görkay

Fuchsia Hart
M.Phil. 2014–16
D.Phil. 2016–
Supervisor: Prof. Yürekli-Görkay

Laura Hinrichsen
M.St. 2015–16
D.Phil. 2016–
Supervisor: Professor Johns

Cailah Jackson
Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Student in Islamic Art
D.Phil. 2013—: Patrons and Artists at the Crossroads: The Islamic Arts of the Book in the Lands of Rūm, 1270s-1370s
Supervisor: Prof. Yürekli-Görkay

Peter Tamas Nagy
M.St. 2015–16
D.Phil. 2016–
Supervisor: Professor Johns

Joseph O'Hara
D. Phil. 2014– : Safaitic vocabulary in the light of the Bedouin dialects of Syria and northern Arabia as recorded by Alois Musil
Supervisors: Prof. Johns & Mr Macdonald

Jessica Rahardjo
M.Phil. in Islamic Art and Archaeology 2016–
Supervisor: Prof. Yürekli-Görkay

Yeliz Teber
D. Phil. 2016–
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Yürekli-Görkay

Gizem Tongo

D.Phil. 2013–: Ottoman art and artists during the First World War
Supervisors: Dr Mignon

James White
D.Phil. 2014– :
Supervisor: Professor Bray & Dr Brookshaw

Past Students and Alumni

Present and future students at the KRC may follow in the footsteps of past students supervised and taught by our staff, including:

Professor Marwan Abu Khalaf
D.Phil. 1985: 'Early Islamic wood work in Egypt and the Fertile Crescent' (Supervisor: Professor Allan)
Current Position: Associate Professor of Archaeology History of Art and Heritage, al-Quds University, Palestine

Dr Rosa Bacile
D.Phil. 2010: 'The dynastic mausolea of the Norman period in the south of Italy, c.1069-1189 : a study on the form and meaning of burial monuments in the Middle Ages' (Supervisor: Professor Johns)
Current Position: Independent Scholar (ex Acquisitions Registrar, Tate Modern, London).

Dr Ainsley Cameron
D.Phil. 2010: 'Painting at Devgarh: three generations of an artist family, 1756-1850' (Supervisor: Dr Topsfield)
Current Position: Assistant Curator of Indian and Himalayan Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Dr Heather Ecker
M.Phil. 1992: 'The Córdoban caliphal experiment : architectural patronage and development in tenth-century Andalusia'
D.Phil. 2000: 'From masjid to casa-mezquita : neighbourhood mosques in Seville after the Castilian conquest (1248-1634)' (Supervisor: Dr Raby)
Current Position: Head of Curatorial Affairs at Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada.

Dr Alain George
M.St. 2003
D.Phil 2006: 'The geometry of early Islamic calligraphy' (Supervisors: Dr Raby & Professor Johns)
Current Position: Senior Lecturer in Islamic Art, University of Edinburgh

Jacek Gruszczynski
D. Phil. 2013—2017: A comparative study of the archaeological contexts of Islamic silver hoards in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe
Supervisors: Dr Treadwell & Dr Shepard

Dr Ruba Kana'an
M.Phil. 1993: 'Patronage and style in mercantile residential architecture of Ottoman Bilad al-Sham: the Nablus region in the nineteenth century'
D.Phil. 1998: 'Jaffa and the waqf of Muḥammad Ağā Abū Nabbūt (1799-1831) : a study in the urban history of an East Mediterranean city' (Supervisor: Dr Raby)
Current Position: Head of Research and Publications, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada

Dr Lev Kapitaikin
M.St. 2002: 'The paintings of the aisle-ceilings of the Cappella Palatina, Palermo'
D.Phil. 2011: 'The Twelfth-century Paintings of the Ceilings of the Cappella Palatina, Palermo' (Supervisor: Professor Johns)
Current Position: Lecturer, Islamic and Christian Medieval Art, Art History Department, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Professor Dr Lorenz Korn
M.St. 1994.
Current Position: Islamische Kunstgeschichte und Archäologie, Otto-Friedrich Universität, Bamberg, Germany

Dr Tehnyat Majeed
D.Phil. 2006: 'The phenomenon of the square Kufic script : the cases of Īlkhānid Iṣfahān and Baḥrī Mamlūk Cairo' (Supervisors: Dr Raby & Professor Johns)
Current Position: Adjunct Faculty, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan

Professor Robert Mason
D.Phil. 1994: 'Islamic glazed pottery: 700-1250' (Supervisor: Professor Allan)
Current Position: Royal Ontario Museum and Associate Professor, Department of Near and Middle-Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto, Canada

Dr Alex Metcalfe
Ph.D. Leeds, 1999: 'Arabic-speakers in Norman Sicily' (Supervisors: Dr Agius & Professor Johns)
Current Position: Senior Lecturer in Medieval History, University of Lancaster

Professor Marcus Milwright
D.Phil. 1999: 'Trade and patronage in middle Islamic Jordan : the ceramics from Karak castle' (Supervisor: Professor Johns)
Current Position: Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture & Director of Program for Medieval Studies, University of Victoria, Canada

Dr Luitgard Mols
M.St. 1995
Current Position: Curator Middle East, West and Central Asia, National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden,

Dr Amanda Phillips
M.St. 2005
D.Phil. 2010:
'Weaving as Livelihood, Style as Status: Ottoman Velvets in a Social and Economic Context, 1600-1750' (Supervisors: Dr Rhoads Murphey & Professor Johns)
Current Position: Marie Curie Fellow of the Gerda Henkel Stiftung, Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, University of Birmingham

Dr Farzaneh Pirouz-Moussavi
M.Phil. 1990: 'The changing taste in the depiction of women under the Qajars'
D.Phil. 2010: 'Fortunes and circumstances : an examination of the talavera industry of Puebla' (Supervisor: Professor Allan)

Ms Sara Plumbly
M.St. 2006
Current Position: Islamic Art Specialist, Christie's Auction House, London

Dr Timothy Power
D.Phil. 2010: 'The Red Sea Basin during the "Long" Late Antiquity (AD 500-1000)' (Supervisor: Professor Johns)
Current Position: Lecturer in Islamic Archaeology, Sheikh Zayed University, Abu Dhabi

Dr Julian Raby
D.Phil. 1981: 'El Gran Turko : Mehmed the Conqueror as a patron of the arts of Christendom'
Current Position: Director of the Freer Gallery of Art & Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Dr Mariam Rosser-Owen
M.St. 1997: 'The political iniative for the mosque of Aḥmad ibn Ṭulūn. Imitating Sāmarrā?
D.Phil. 2004: 'Articulating the Ḥijāba: ʿĀmirid artistic and cultural patronage in Al-Andalus (c. 970-1010 AD)' (Supervisors: Dr Raby & Professor Johns)
Current Position: Assistant Curator, Middle Eastern Section, Asian Department, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Dr Jochen Sokoly
M.Phil. 1992: 'Dated and datable Tiraz textiles from the time of the Fatimid Dynasty in Egypt (969-1171)'
D.Phil. 2002: 'Ṭirāz textiles from Egypt : production, administration and uses of ṭirāz textiles from Egypt under the Umayyad, ʿAbbāsid and Fāṭimid dynasties' (Supervisor: Dr Raby)
Current Position: Assistant Professor in Art History at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar and VCUQ Gallery Director

Dr Fahmida Suleman
M.Phil. 1999: 'The nineteenth-century architecture in the Stone Town of Zanzibar, Tanzania'
D.Phil. 2002: The lion, the hare and lustre ware : studies in the iconography of lustre ceramics from Fāṭimid Egypt (969-1171 CE) (Supervisor:Professor Johns)
Current Position: Phyllis Bishop Curator for the Modern Middle East, The British Museum, London