emilisavagesmithProfessor Emilie Savage-Smith

Position: Professor of the History of Islamic Science

Faculty / College Address: Oriental Institute / St Cross College

Email: emilie.savage-smith@orinst.ox.ac.uk

Research Interests:
Islamic science, medicine, and magic

Current Projects:
An Eleventh-Century Egyptian Guide to the Universe: an edition and translation of the 'Book of Curiosities' (with Y. Rapoport)
Mapping Earth and Sky in Medieval Islam: a study of astrology and mapmaking in early Islam (with Y. Rapoport)
A study of the treatment of cataracts in the medieval Islamic world.

Recent Publications:
A New Catalogue of Arabic Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Volume 1: Medicine. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2011).
'Modern Palimpsests: What defines a fake?'. In:Metalwork and Material Culture in the Islamic World: Art, Craft and Text. Essays presented to James W. Allan, ed. Venetia Porter and Mariam Rosser-Owen (London: I. B. Tauris, 2012), pp. 409–22.
'The Working Files of Rhazes: Are the Jamiʿ and the Hawi Identical?' In: Medieval Arabic Thought. Essays in Honour of Fritz Zimmermann, ed., Rotraud Hansberger, M. Afifi al-Akiti, and Charles Burnett [Warburg Studies and Texts, 4]. London: Warburg Institute, 2012, pp. 163–180.
'Curatorial Issues and Research Questions: Current Research on Western Medieval Manuscripts and Oriental Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library' (with co-authors S. Neate and R. Ovenden). In: The Technological Study of Books and Manuscripts as Artefacts: Research questions and analytical solutions, ed. S. Neate, D. Howell, R. Ovenden, A. M. Pollard. Oxford: British Archaeological Reports, 2011, pp. 3–7.
The Key to Medicine and a Guide for Students, by Abu al-Faraj ʿAli ibn al-Husayn ibn Hindū. Translated by Aida Tibi and Reviewed by E. Savage-Smith [The Great Books of Islamic Civilization Series]. Reading: Garnet Publishing, 2010.
'The Book of Curiosities: An Eleventh-Century Egyptian View of the Lands of the Infidels.' In: Geography and Ethnography: Perceptions of the World in Pre-Moden Societies, ed. K. A. Raaflaub and R. J. A. Talbert. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010, pp. 291-310.
'Das Mittelmeer in der islamischen Kartographie des Mittelalters'. In: Das Meer, der Tausch und die Grenzen der Repräsentation, ed. H. Baader and G. Wolf . Zürich/Berlin: Diaphanes, 2010, pp. 239–262.
'Maps and Trade'. In: Byzantine Trade (4th-12th centuries). The Archaeology of Local, Regional and International Exchange, ed. M. Mango. Farnham: Ashgate, 2009, pp. 15−29.
'The Book of Curiosities and a unique map of the world (with co-author Y. Rapoport)'. In: Cartography in Antiquity and the Middle Ages: Fresh Perspectives, New Methods, ed. by R. J. A. Talbert and R. W. Unger. Leiden: Brill, 2008, pp. 121-138 and Plates IV-VI.
'Ibn Baklarish in the Arabic tradition of synonymatic texts and tabular presentations'. In: Ibn Baklarish's Book of Simples: Medical Remedies between Three Faiths in Twelfth-Century Spain, ed. C. Burnett. London: The Arcadian Library in association with Oxford University Press, 2008. pp. 113-131.
'Anatomical Illustration in Arabic Manuscripts'. In: Arab Painting: Text and Image in Illustrated Arabic Manuscripts, ed. A. Contadini. Leiden: Brill, 2007, pp. 147−59 and Figs. 1-6.

Further Info:

Fellow, The British Academy
Council, British School of Archaeology in Iraq
Co-Editor, series "Islamic Philosophy, Theology, and Science" published by Brill.
Advisory Board, Suhayl
Advisory Board, Journal for the History of Arabic Science

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