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Architecture and Hagiography in the Ottoman Empire: The Politics of Bektashi Shrines in the Classical Age

hagiographyZeynep Yürekli

Based on a thorough examination of buildings, inscriptions, archival documents and hagiographies, this book uncovers the political significance of Bektashi shrines in the Ottoman imperial age. It thus provides a fresh and comprehensive account of the formative process of the Bektashi order, which started out as a network of social groups that took issue with Ottoman imperial policies in the late fifteenth century, was endorsed imperially as part of Bayezid II's (r. 1481–1512) soft power policy, and kept under check by imperial authorities as the Ottoman approach to the Safavid conflict hardened during the rest of the sixteenth century.

Ashgate, Birmingham Byzantine and Ottoman Studies - November 2012. Includes 50 b&w illustrations, 3 maps and 4 plans. 230 pages. Hardback. ISBN: 978-1-4094-1106-2