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Introduction to Islamic Art & Archaeology 1000-1400
Khalili Research Centre, Lecture Room
Mr Bongianino, Dr Fitzherbert, Prof. Johns, Dr Treadwell & Dr Yürekli-Görkay
Tuesdays 09.00 – 11.00, Weeks 2, 4, 6 & 8
Please note: These classes are restricted to students on the M.Phil in Islamic Art & Archaeology.
Students to choose four topics, at least one from each group:

Poetry and Orientalism in the Alhambra (JJ)
Architecture of Seljuk successor states in the Near East (ZY)
Muqarnas and girih (ZY)

Painting & Arts of the Book
The arts of the book under the Almohads, Nasrids, Marinids (UB)
Manuscript Illustration in the Near East, 12th–13th Centuries (ZY)
Ilkhanid and/or Jalayirid painting (TF)

Central Asian material culture in pre-Mongol and Mongol era (LT)
Tile decoration, techniques and distribution (ZY)
Forgetting the wheel: hand-made geometrically-painted wares (JJ)

KRC Research Seminar
Khalili Research Centre, Lecture Room
Convenor: Prof. Johns
Tuesdays 14.00 – 16.00
Please check the KRC website http://krc.orient.ox.ac.uk/krc/ for updates.

Week 1: 17th January - Prof. Elio Brancaforte, Tulane University, New Orleans – Strategies of representation: European travellers describe the Safavid empire
Week 2: 24th January - Prof. Andrew Petersen, University of Wales – Ruwayda: Qatar’s eighteenth-century garden by the Sea
Week 3: 31st January - Dr. Richard McClary,  University of Edinburgh – The Qarakhānid architecture of Bukhārā: a study of the Namāzgāh, Maghāk-i ʿAṭṭārī Mosque portal, and the Chashma-i Ayyūb mazār portal
Week 4: 7th February - Dr. Francesca Leoni, Ashmolean Museum – Occultism and the Museum: The Case of ‘Power and Protection: Islamic Art and the Supernatural’
Week 5: 14th February - Dr. Maya Petrovich, Faculty of History – Muslin and paisley from slaves to sultans: reading Indian textiles in Ottoman lands
Week 6: 21st February - Dr. Sami De Giosa, Khalili Research Centre – Between spolia and original features: hidden references in Mamluk architecture
Week 7: 28th February - Dr. Paul Wordsworth, The Oriental Institute – When a ribāṭ is not a ribāṭ: the architectural character of outposts on the northeastern frontiers of the Islamic world in the 10th-12th centuries
Week 8: 7th March - Dr. Omniya Abdel Barr, Victoria and Albert Museum – Creswell's Cairo: a recently discovered photographic archive at the V&A

Ottoman Sources
Khalili Research Centre, Lecture Room
Dr Yürekli-Görkay
Wednesdays 12.00 – 13.30, Weeks 1–8
Please note: Intermediary to advanced level in Ottoman Turkish is required. Please contact Dr Yürekli- Görkay if you wish to attend.

Early Islamic Rock Crystal: The Story So Far...
Khalili Research Centre, Lecture Room

Prof. Johns and Dr Morero
Wednesdays 10.00 – 11.00, Weeks 2–4 and 6–8

Classes for Portfolio of Practical Work
Mr Bongianino, Ms Hinrichsen, Ms Jackson, Prof. Johns, Dr Treadwell & Dr Yürekli-Görkay
Thursdays 14.00 – 16.00, Weeks 1, 3 & 5
Friday 14.00 – 16.00, Week 7
(N.B. dates, times and venues are all subject to change)
Please note: These classes are restricted to KRC graduate students.
Week 1: 19th January Epigraphic Metalwork (Mr Bongianino, Ms Hinrichsen, Prof. Johns). Venue: Ashmolean Museum
Week 3: 2nd February Coins (Dr Treadwell). Venue: Lecture room, Khalili Research Centre
Week 5: 16th February Tiraz (Mr Bongianino, Prof. Johns). Venue: Ashmolean Museum
Week 7: 3rd March (Friday) Manuscripts (Ms Jackson, Dr Yürekli-Görkay). Venue: Weston Library

Classes for Manuscript Handling and Viewing Weston Library, Horton Seminar Room
Convenors: Dr Fitzherbert & Dr Watson
Fridays 11.00 – 13.00, Weeks 1-8
Please note: These classes are restricted to KRC members only. Space is limited to 15 participants including staff. Please contact Dr Fitzherbert to book a place.
Week 1: 20th January - Codicology (Mr Bongianino & Dr Fitzherbert)
Week 2: 27th January - Qur’anic manuscripts (Mr Bongianino)
Week 3: 3rd February - Manuscript Illustration in the Near East, 12th–13th Centuries (Dr Yürekli- Görkay)
Week 4: 10th February - Ilkhanids (Dr Fitzherbert)
Week 5: 17th February - Jalayirids and early Timurids (Dr Fitzherbert)
Week 6: 24th February - Later Timurids & Turkman (Dr Fitzherbert)
Week 7: 3rd March - Ottomans, Safavids and Shaybanids (Dr Yürekli-Görkay & Dr Fitzherbert)
Week 8: 10th March - Mughals (Dr Qureshi)