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The Khalili Research Centre (KRC) is the University of Oxford's centre for research into the art and material culture of the Islamic societies of the Middle East and of their non-Muslim members and neighbours. It is also the University's centre for teaching the subject, especially to graduate students, but also to undergraduates. The KRC is part of the Faculty of Oriental Studies in the University, and is administered by a director and a management committee appointed by and answerable to the Board of the Faculty.

This website provides information about the KRC and its activities, facilities, staff, and students. To find out more about the lectures taking place at the centre please visit the lectures page, or to find out about the research being undertaken at the centre, please see the staff and student pages.


Thursday April 26th 2018
5pm to 6.30pm

From Hieron Byzantion to Imros Kalesi: the story of the European Hieron on the Bosphorus in light of archival sources and field research

Gizem Dörter (Koç University)